Digital Delivery

After ordering online, you will receive an email confirmation from Paypal containing your order details (if you didn't provide your email address we cannot send your download, nor confirmation email). We will normally confirm receipt of your order within 24 hours of ordering. We will attempt to send you access to the download page via Email Method within 3 working days. The link you will receive will be valid for 3 days. If this time is not enough to download, please contact us for an extension.

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Item Delivery

All physical items set for a fixed price of $14.00AUD and that does not include tracking number to countries outside Australia. If you wish to add tracking, the price will change, depends on your location. We will let you know how much it will cost and it is up to you if you want to go ahead with the purchase. We can send you a private page, with the different price to purchase the item. If you wish to buy more than one tarot card, you can contact us (see form below) we shall arrange for you to purchase it from a page we create for you. You are also able to discuss the price, and if we find your request reasonable, we shall agree on a price, when you purchase more than one item.

Refund & Returns Policy

Refund & Returns Policy

Once we send the digital download (Pdf Ebook publication) there is no refund. However, you will have 3 working days to think about your purchase, before we send the download. Within this time period, you can ask for your money back. Once the ebook is sent, we cannot refund the price for the download.

If you have any enquiries regarding payment services offered by Paypal please visit


We only use Paypal Payment Gateway for its online credit card transactions. PayPal processes online credit card for thousands of people, providing a safe and secure means of payment via the Internet. All online credit card transactions performed on PayPal and no merchants have access to your details, only the one you supply, such as address, email, name, which is necessary to send the item or to send the download. We keep your privacy very important and we do not share any information - such as your email address, name or address - with anyone.


- Payments are fully automated with an immediate response.

- Your complete credit card number cannot be viewed by us or any outside party.

- All transactions are performed under a 128 Bit SSL Certificate.

- All transaction data is encrypted for storage within PayPal's bank-grade data centre, further protecting your credit card data.

- Paypal is an authorised third party processor.

- At no time we can access your details; all transactions are directly transferred from your credit card to Paypal.

Thank you.